Writing As Spritual Practise – Naked Mind Exercise

by Leigh-Anne Fraser

That writing practice, like Zen practice does, is bring you back to the natural state of mind…The mind is raw, full of energy, alive and hungry. It does not think in the way we were brought up to think-well-mannered, congenial. – Natalie Goldberg

What would happen if we took twenty minutes (or however long it took) to write with a naked mind? If we were able to shed the image and conditioning that we have been given and given ourselves and speak directly to the Goddess and God within. What or who would arrive?

Take a few moments to take a deep breath through the top of your head. Feel your crown tingling and let the breath flow through your body down through to the soles of your feet. Feel the floor/ ground beneath your feet. As you breathe in again, listen to your breathing. Pay attention to how it feels to breathe, breathing in the cool air and breathing out the warm air. Let go as you breathe out. Let go of any thoughts, worries, concerns, any sorrow or frustration. As you breathe in again, breathe in a sense of peace and stillness that allows you to feel relaxed and centered.

Imagine that you are standing in the clearing of a forest. The trees and underbrush come to the very edge of the clearing, thick and providing cover. You can see the sky above you, clear and blue and the sun is shining in just on the area where you are standing. Strip everything away, and stand naked in the clearing. Write about whatever comes up for you now that you have let yourself be naked. If you feel your editor rise up and start directing – make a note on the side about it with a star to go back later and look at what it was. Remember to follow the Diving Deeper approach – no editing, correct spelling mistakes if you must, but do not do anything more. Write for 20 minutes, or for as long as you feel the pull of the story.

Note: this exercise is posted on my Writing As Spiritual Practise Board on Sandra Jensen’s Diving Deeper Writers Workshop which you can find here: http://groups.gaia.com/creativewriting if you are interested in exploring your writing. Sandra’s workshop has been extremely helpful to me and I recommend her and the workshop highly!